May 19, 2024

A disability lawyer helps you with the SSDI application and appeals the process. SSDI means Social Security Disability Insurance, a kind of claim that is entitled to get for the benefits of the patient from the disability caused by some reasons, such as workplace injury. Once an SSDI claim is denied, it is the right time to contact a disability attorney in Louisiana.

Although you can apply for SSDI on your own, getting approved for the application is notoriously difficult. You should prove your disabilities to meet the SSA (Social Security Administration) criteria to qualify for the benefits that require gathering comprehensive medical documentation.

What does a disability lawyer help?

The disability lawyers are familiar with navigating the SSDI application requirements, these lawyers can help with the following:

  1. Evaluate if you have a case
  2. Review the medical records
  3. Contact the medical providers
  4. Request the copies of records
  5. Fill out or double-check the accuracy of the disability application
  6. Prepare the documents to appeal a denied application
  7. Represents the case when the appeal is denied

Applying for SSDI can be a time-consuming process. The Social Security Administration estimates that it will take 3-5 months to receive the decision after you submit the claim. But, it takes much longer, especially when the application is incomplete.

Is getting a disability lawyer a requirement?

While no guarantee hiring a lawyer will get your application approved, it makes it more likely.

You need a disability lawyer in times of:

  • You don’t understand how the application process is performed. A lawyer can ensure that the application is complete and contains enough supporting material.
  • You have questions regarding medical documentation requirements. If you are overwhelmed with several medical records you need for submitting it or unsure what documents are needed, a lawyer can help.
  • Your first application is denied. A denied application is not the end of the road. The lawyer helps guide the appeals process.

If you have a medical disability that keeps you from working, you are qualified for Social Security Disability Insurance benefits. Unluckily, roughly 80% of first-time SSDI applications will be denied due to a lack of complete work history information or some other preventable errors.

Role of a disability lawyer

The disability benefits application process involves lots of paperwork. It entails collecting employment records to reconstruct the work history and getting medical records that describe disability. Many people have said that the SSDI application process is frustrating. Many people have valid claims and received denied letters.

The disability lawyers are familiar with the process of collecting the records that complete the application forms and when needed, work through the appeals process. With the assistance of an experienced disability lawyer, you will be more well-informed about the options and submit an incomplete application that causes delays.

After you retain the disability lawyer services, the SSA never has to contact you directly. Instead, all the correspondence goes to the lawyer. It is the disability lawyer’s role to respond to communications, so you may focus on your family and health. A lawyer advocates for you in any Social Security appeal or hearing.